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ZK20 Electric Kettle Portable Water Heater Tea Maker Thermal Cup


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Model Number: DEM-DR03

Electric Kettle Portable Water Heater Tea Maker Thermal Cup Multifunction Coffee/Milk Heater For Deerma Home Appliances

Main Features: ● IMD real-time water temperature screen ● A new steam pressure relief valve can automatically sense the pressure inside the cup ● 40 °C -90 °C Frequency Conversion Thermostat ● 304 stainless steel liner ● Lightweight and portable ● Automatic Monitoring Specification Model: DEM-DR035 Water Capacity: 350ml Rated Voltage: 220V (Please confirm whether you can use the voltage in your country, thank you) Rated Frequency: 50Hz Power: 300W Plug: Chinese Standard Operation Mode: Touch Button Display Heating Temperature Range: 40-90℃ Product weight: 300g Package List: 1 * Vacuum Bottle 1 * Power Cable 1 * Chinese Manual 1、The 350ml is light and portable, and the grip of a bottle of mineral water is effortless. 2、With the electric water cup, the hotel has a healthy glass of water. Breakfast cup, heated milk, boiled eggs. 3、Tea, milk, and multi-purpose use. – IMD real-time water temperature screen, at a glance, not afraid of hot mouth. 4、Temperature customization, 40-90 ° C to meet different needs. 5、Automatic cycle heating to keep the water temperature constant at the selected temperature. 6、- Automatic pressure relief on the way, no need to open the cover. 7、304 stainless steel liner, does not release impurities, safe and healthy. 8、2 large function touch buttons, which integrate the water temperature display and extend the beauty. Note: The button above is the start button. The bottom button is to adjust the temperature, select the function you need. For example, boil water, warm milk, etc., adjust to the temperature you need. 40-90℃ frequency conversion temperature adjustment Make coffee with hot water at 90℃. 100℃ boiling water instant noodles. Make milk with constant temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

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