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Automatic Dish Soap Dispenser Kitchen Sink | Electric Soap Dispenser


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Surface Finishing: Electroplated

Material: ABS,Plastic

Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS

Origin: Mainland China

Model name: Liquid Soap Dispenser

Type: Automatic Soap Dispenser

Feature: Soap Dispenser Automatic

Capacity: 300ml/200ml/400ml

Power by: 4x AAA battery (NOT included)

1) We purchase this Automatic Soap Dispenser from the best manufacturer in China.
2) We test each Automatic Soap Dispenser carefully before shipment, we tried our best to delivery the good quality goods on your hand.


Model: Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser
Material: ABS
Color: White, Silver, Wood color, Porcelain color
Size: 72x142x220mm (2.8″x5.5″x8.6″)
Capacity: 300ml/200ml/400ml
Power by: 4x AAA battery (NOT included)


– Large capacity of 300ml, so you don’t need the liquid soap to refill regularly.
– An infrared motion sensor inside and when you move your hand under the nozzle, it will automatically flow out the liquid soap.
– Smooth surface that the water drops on the surface can easily flow down, and the surface is easy to clean.
– The amount of liquid is: 1ML; after 2 seconds, a second time liquid will be given.

Package included:

1 x Hand Liquid Dispenser (battery NOT included)

Note: Please allow slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and a little color variation for different display setting. The pictures are only for reference, please make the object as the standard. Thank you for your understanding!

Before using, understand the frequently encountered problems:
About quantitative 1ML discharge【under normal temperature】
1. Commonly used viscous milky liquids in the market, such as detergent, shower gel, and hand sanitizer, can be used without water;
2.Gel-like liquidssuch as detergent,【winter】The fluidity will deteriorate due to factors such as temperature, and the machine motor will not be able to pump liquids. It is recommended to add some water to dilute it;
3.The extra viscous detergent needs to be diluted with water and evenly used beforeuse;
4.After receiving the machine, pour clean water into the machine, and then spit out clean water several times to lubricate the pipes after turning on the machine. The effect will be better;
5. If the detergent is not used for a long time, where the nozzle will solidify and cause clogging, you need to manually pull out the solidified part.

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